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Thought about how best to lay up that front grill opening and Ive worked out the best way to probably do it is to divide the front bar not at the bonnet join line, but lower down along the top edge of the front bumper. That way I can detach the bar from the car, mold the bottom two thirds of it (including a mold joining flange), and then re-fit the bumper to the car for the final blending of panels into a single front section then mold the remaining bonnet/headlights section and the two guard sections on the car. Might be easier to understand when I post pics of when I get to that.
Today was 40+ here the hottest day of 2016, so I worked on my house from dawn till 10am. Then just before sundown I positioned the front bar so it was perfectly level. This took a bit of fiddling because the d/s front of the car took most of the crash impact and I discovered when I couldn't get the DC2 bar to sit level that the framing behind where the headlight used to be was twisted down...easily fixed with my favorite sledge hammer. Next I started blending the flared guards onto the front bar on either side using cardboard to form the wheel arch and fairing compound to fill in the curves. Cardboard!!! Yes, because I have to be able to detach the front bar from the car after this work so I can mold it off the car in a vertical position, and the cardboard will just rip away.
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