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The DC2 head lights are all plastic, perfect for an angle grinder attack to trim them right back for fitting to the die considering I will not be running any OME headlights on this car. In the very rare event of a day/night race I’ll just fit a light bar. I also glued the parkers in place and started to bog over those holes completely. I tried cutting a pattern to blank in the grill opening from the front, but it turned out to be easier to just cut off all the grill egg crate plastic work and get a flat board to fit in behind the front bar. I also screwed & glued the DC2 guards to the Prelude cut off ones and began blending the two together with Fairing Compound. Things are taking shape quickly. The Integra EVO bonnet panel can’t be exactly positioned & glued to the Prelude one until the front bar is glued in place.
The deep grill opening is a layup problem I have to overcome. Normally I glass over these with the front bar facing skywards so the cloth hangs effectively on both top & bottom edges of the grill recess. But this time all that will be part of the single one piece die – which will be bolted onto the car. So I’m either gonna have to figure out how I can still do this particular part of laying up on the car – or whether I need to remove the die from the car to mold it (and if so HOW to unbolt it) – or whether I need to layup the guards & bonnet on the car, and somehow layup the front bar section afterwards. Hhmmm! But the car already looks like a DC2!
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