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OK, moving on a bit, here are some pics on the ground.

First, the front end.

The axle is 2-1/4" x 0.120" 4130, which is pretty standard practice. I would like to build the next one out o 2-1/2" x 0.095" because it saves a pound or two. This rack & pinion was made by Latest Rage. I can't say I would recommend one to anyone. It turned out that the fit of a good U-joint on the input splines was loose, like it's really a 0.620"-36 (metric) spline instead of 5/8"-36, and there is a fair amount of slop in a brand new piece. I ended up replacing it with a quality piece from Woodward of that later. It turns out you really do get what you pay for.

I made the steering arms from 4130 tube and bar. I had just gotten a milling machine, so I had to use it on these. In retrospect, they're heavy, and I have material to make another set out of aluminum. Steering arms and caliper brackets are next on the list of things to do.

The spindles are Winters steel 10 degree "Ford" units, with Sander knock-off hubs. These will become spares eventually, I would like to upgrade to aluminum spindles.

I went a bit crazy machining clevises for this car. I would do some (the frame side) the same way again, where the axle brackets I would like to do in 4130 sheet on the next axle.

Here is the frame side of the radius rods. I think the clevis mounts are a pretty good way to get them in double shear.

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