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OK, now for some pictures of the original rear suspension. This stuff is going to be changing soon to eliminate the torsion bars and redo some stuff lighter and better.

Here's the LR, showing the birdcage (bearing carrier), torsion arm, shock, and wishbone. The birdcages were made from large OD tubing that has a fairly thick wall so there is a decent amount of material over the spiral retaining ring that holds the bearing in. The next set will have the OD turned down over most of the width to save some weight.

The torsion arms were made using a commercially available steel end that comes with the splines already broached. This slides into 1-3/8" x 0.120" wall tube, that was bent to get the arms out into the wheels a bit for a wider spring base.

Here's the right side.

The right side is pretty much the same as the left, with the addition of a "Jacob's ladder" (Roberts linkage) for lateral location. Here's a better picture of that:

The Jacob's ladder is one of those good ideas that turned out to be not so good. The way this is built, it won't work because the links have rod ends in both ends...which makes it underconstrained. It flops side to side when you push on the chassis. This is going to be replaced by a Watt's linkage that should package a lot cleaner and be more adjustable.

The long wishbones that provide longitudinal location are staying put. The reason for them is they make the rear axle swing in the same arc as the torque tube, which should limit the amount the torque tube and driveshaft have to plunge vs. suspension travel, which I'm hoping is better for rear grip.
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