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Originally Posted by ducas99 View Post
Will bend tech tell you if a bend is not possible, ie if your bends were to close together does it know? Or If you were doing a bend right at end of a tube does it know how much tube is needed to go through the backing block?
From my experience no it does not recognize bends too close together, as I could just barely get the bends I did but it worked. The issue was the clamp fitting the tube since the tube was arcing away from the die. With the length I had a tube come out just about too short because of not enough material on the end. Bend and learn. But I'm a newbie, Cris might be able to answer this better.
I am like most customers I've dealt with, I wanna run the machine and I want it now. Who has time for videos or reading? Yes I've got stuck and reviewed the Help topics and found the answers. Read the instructions last if there is no way out, right?
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