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Originally Posted by alwaysFlOoReD View Post
AI scares me too. I read that the tip-over for a truly self aware AI is anywhere from 10-30 years from now. Society is in the process of making a god in it's own image...that's what's scary. I may be alive when it happens. Truly, we live in interesting times.
Seriously. I have one of those Amazon Echo systems at home. "Alexa" sounds like a real person but "she" is completely driven by software. As AI gets better and more and more devices become connected, it's only a matter of time before Alexa becomes Hal and starts launching nukes or bumps up the thermostat until I'm burnt out of my house.

The "connectivity of things", especially completely unnecessary connectivity (who the hell needs wi-fi enabled ovens and refrigerators?) is gradually making us more and more susceptible to cyber attack... what are we going to do when the cyber attack originates from AI?

Also how do I know that you aren't all bots??? How do you know I'm not a bot? How do I know I'm not a bot!?!?
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