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jackalope - Man thanks for the killer encouragement! I am consistently taken back by the feedback I'm getting on this project. I am very fortunate to have the funds and equipment access to produce something like this. I am grateful for the encouragement and support I'm getting!

Keith - I would be flattered if this buildup became an article. You are welcome to quote or take excerpts from what I've written, along with any of the pictures you need. Please just mention my name when you do so.

Here's a little bio on me. My name is Clint and I'm working on my fifth year of college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo CA. I am now a graduate mechanical engineering student, doing a blended program to earn my bachelors and masters degrees concurrently.

During my fourth year of college, I took a six month internship at Garrett Turbochargers in Torrance CA. There I worked in the Innovations and New Concepts group, where a small team of engineers and myself developed a twin compressor, ultra-high pressure ratio turbocharger (5 to 1 pressure ratio or about 60psi boost). I focused on the rotordynamic aspects of the machine, developing finite element models and conducting experiments to verify my analysis. My work was published at the 2005 SAE World Congress. Ironically, I did not take my first vibrations course until I return to school and I am only now (a year later) taking a my first course in rotordynamics.

Over the last four years I have been working on my '86 Toyota 4Runner, fabricating a few small items using some basic tools (welder, angle grinder, chop saw). After a bit of offroading, I decided a rollcage would be necessary for safety and for that I needed a tube bender. It wasn't long before I realized what a great senior design project that would make. So I conducte some research to find out what kind of benders were out there and I came accross the RMD-150. I instantly fell in love with its dual cylinder, single stroke arrangement and swing-out follower die. What an innovation! That was the kind of bender I wanted to design.

Now, over a year later, I am finally seeing my work take shape. After all the hours of brainstorming, calculations, modelling, and machining, it is finally starting to look like something.

Can you tell I am excited?

Boy I am just rambling on now... sorry guys.
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