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Originally Posted by entropy View Post
I have refrained from commenting because I suspect you know what I have to say... This feels a bit like piling on... THAT is not my intent!
Please don't hold back or assume I know what your comments would be. I know I don't always take your advice, but I always value it. Having more voices in this conversation helps me make informed decisions.

My main concerns with reworking this are (1) I'm not sure I would get a much better result and (2) I currently have good alignment and correct overall width, so I don't want to screw that up.

For #1 maybe I need to get the housing on wheels so I can rotate it and make a continuous weld. I might also need to try cranking up the heat some and/or go from 0.030 to 0.035. I tried 0.035 on some scrap 1/4" and it just didn't seem like it was welding as well as the 0.030 even when I turned up the voltage. I don't know if that's a limitation of my machine or a technique issue. What I saw welding scrap 1/4" with 0.035 was that it looked like the weld just piled up without wet-out. I upped voltage and dropped wire and travel speed up to the point that I started getting burnback and it didn't seem to get better. What should I try to get a better weld?

For #2 would it make sense to grind the weld down just to the OD of the housing tube, forming a 90 with the housing end that I could add a fillet pass over? That would leave the existing root weld weld all the way around to keep it positioned. Then I would add a new bead on top that forms a fillet between the OD of the tube and the side of the housing end.

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