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Andy thank you for the kind feedback and helping me separate what was kidding (i.e. more triangulation!) from what the real concerns are. I know what you are saying about having kids in the car - there is no reason to risk anyone's lives over a deficient weld and that goes for the driver, passengers and everyone else on the roads that I drive. I agree point by point with what you're saying - some under cut, cold areas at start and stop based on the HAZ, lack of wet-out in a number of areas, and also probably should have removed the coating on the OD of the housing end (I removed it from the face that butted into the housing and didn't think the weld would end up that high). My assessment before replies was that the welds were still acceptable from a strength/reliability perspective, but I will attempt to calculate a safety factor before I go further.

I value your opinion and certainly welcome the opinions of others. If these welds are likely to fail then I most certainly want to make them right. But I also don't want to risk warping the housing or making things worse trying to redo them if they are likely to hold up fine as is.
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