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Metal Fabrication

I am a person who likes to do some fab works. But can't play with my 1951 Chev, which is presented to me by my uncle before he left the US.

Last week, my friend, who is a crazy guy, had a drive in it and when he returned, I found the front fender in a damaged condition, got bulged inwards. I felt so sad. Anyways, I am planning to do some repair work for my car. The door, fenders are almost in a shabby condition.

I don't want to experiment with my fab works. As I consider it very precious, I want some help for replacing the fenders. I almost tried to get the parts, but I think it is unavailable.

Now, my friend suggested taking help from some metal fabrication companies. I don't know whether it will be possible. I have researched some companies in Toronto, dealing with metal manufacturing and fabrication. Someone kindly suggests if you have taken such services. Thank you.
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