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Home Fab weird size plasma table

Ok. I know I am crazy but I think there is logic behind my madness.
The rules:
Smaller shop without a lot of extra room.
No real way to handle sheets of metal. Even the thin stuff can be more than a handful to store and move around. I do have a 16ga shear.
Do a fair amount of fab work but its not how I make money.
Typically smaller parts.

So I WANT a 12" x 48" plasma table. Sit next to the wall out of the way. I can then use flat bar and easily be able to handle the material with out a crane or forklift.
Maybe even 12" x 24". Yep crazy talk.

Really how big do you need at home?
How big are the parts you actually cut at home and how many?

Its a whole bunch easier to store flat bar in misc sizes that sheets, well in my shop anyway.

Opinions? You can't tell me I'm wrong cuz this is America and we all have an right to be different.
Need, Design, Build, Use, repeat........
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