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With the engine on the stand, I started by stripping the wire harness. It's completely intact and I plan to use it, so I carefully labelled the connectors I could identify with my wife's label maker.

Without the harness, it starts looking like a good ol' American V8 again

Before I did anything else, I wanted to check the condition of the engine. I did a leakdown check first and got some varying results, with leakage past some valves sometimes and sometimes not. After talking with the salvage yard about the results, they recommended I put a little tranny fluid in all the cylinders and on the valves, turn the engine over a few times, then retest. I went a little further and decided to do a compression check, which would turn the engine over plenty and give additional diagnostic info. Here's my setup for cranking the engine with the starter on the stand. I would never do this if I didn't think the stand were very stable!

With that little bit of lube, the results improved and leakage was down to nil on all cylinders with good compression above 180psi on all cylinders.

Ongoing 70 Nova build:
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