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Here are a few more shots of the truck accessory drive with the car intake. I am probably going to order an a/c compressor and see where things fit before I decide what I want to do.

This weekend I decided to tackle cleaning up and painting the engine. First I needed to seal everything up to prevent water from getting in.

I removed the valve covers and removed the rocker arms. This puts all the valves in a closed position, which should help prevent any unwanted liquids from getting in.

Next I stuffed the ports with towels and used a quality (Scotch brand) duct tape to mask off all the ports and sensors.

Then I laid a tarp out in my driveway, rolled the engine out, and went to town with a few cans of engine degreaser, a scrub brush and the garden hose. These pictures were taken at various stages of cleaning.

On the last few clean & rinse cycles, I used Eagle One Mag Cleaner in a spray bottle from my local autoparts store. This is an etching cleaner that contains a few different acids. It did an incredible job of restoring the aluminum to a more uniform appearance. Once everything was degreased and thoroughly rinsed, I put a few fans out to dry things off.


Ongoing 70 Nova build:
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