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I would have to guess that I was your son's age when I started working on cars and projects with dad and grandpa, I was just tall enough to see over a fender. I haven't stopped working on them since. And if it wasn't for cars and other mechanical things I never would have gotten through maths and whatnot in school. I grew up in a strange family though, I think I was about 8 years old the first time I ran a skill saw. And the only thing I remember my folks hiring someone to do was concrete work. If something needed fixing or building the family did it, kids, dads, granddads, even great granddads. Many a family vacation was spent building a deck, or moving a barn, or fencing, whatever needed doing. It is something that this country lacks today, I have students that come from home where parents literally hire a handyman to change light bulbs. These kids come into my class with nothing, zero skills. To be honest I am not sure how some of them will make it through life. Enough about that, I am happy to see you initiate your son into our world of fixing and building. I like the safety glasses, SAFETY FIRST.


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