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Originally Posted by RogueFab View Post
Well, a bit late now... but I should share anyway.

We just tested 2.0x.125 in our bender (another rotary draw machine, like your 105 except it's vertical and electric/hydraulic). It bent just fine, all the way past 90 degrees.

We have also bent 1.75x.125, 1.50x.125, 1.0x.125 square.
Brass? Which alloy? What bend radii?

Originally Posted by RogueFab View Post
We ran all the tests on the tougher to bend (read- likes to crack) 6061 alloy in T6 temper. No heat, no sand.
I haven't played around with aluminum tube yet, but I used my brake to bend some flat stock a few weeks ago. It was 6061-T6 and I didn't have any issues. 1/8" thick flat stock with a surprisingly small bend radius. I don't have a set of radius gauges, but I'd approximate a .0625" inside radius.

That being said, I could see far more stress being induced with bending tube.

Originally Posted by RogueFab View Post
Steel will be easy to finish and make it look nice, and most benders are best suited for that material.
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