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After posting this on ls1tech, a member pointed out that has much better pricing. I spent some time on the phone, got a better deal with my local dealer's web pricing (their site is and augmented my order to include all the parts below. The total is close to the same as it would be with gmpartsdirect, but I can pick up the parts when they get here. The key is not paying shipping with the local dealer, even though their web prices are a bit higher and I will have to pay tax.

List / before tax

19207665 Waterpump $300 / 177.54
12610792 P/S pump bracket $20.70 / 12.14
92229662 P/S pump $156.87 / 95.78
12610794 P/S pump pulley $40.16 / 24.09
12610789 alternator bracket $49.84 / 29.89
12568996 idler pulley $65.02 / 39.70
Total $379.14 + $36.97 tax = $416.11

I'm hoping the truck balancer with line up (we'll see) and I skipped the tensioner for now because I will need to mount my a/c compressor in that area and I don't know what I'll use for a tensioner yet.
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