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Thanks guys - I appreciate the encouragement. I don't think it will be a show winner or look as nice as my old smallblock in its glory days, but I'm pleased with the results of the spit & shine.

Today I stopped by the local stealership parts counter and ordered an L99 waterpump and powersteering bracket. I'm going to try to piece together something like the L99 accessory drive, either by buying parts incrementally or fabricating parts as I need them. I'm hoping the L99 waterpump will line up with the truck crank pulley and the truck PS pump will work on the L99 mount. If those work, I'll go on to figuring out the alternator and compressor mounting.

Here is the L99 accessory drive, which you can buy as a complete setup from Pace (link) for $860.

Here are the part numbers and list prices I got from the dealer. They provided some exploded views to help ID things.

19207665 Waterpump $300
12610792 P/S pump bracket $20.70
92229662 P/S pump $156.87
12610794 P/S pump pulley $40.16
12610789 alternator bracket $49.84
12568996 alternator idler pulley $65.02
XXX tensioner (I didn't ask)
XXX belt
XXX alternator
Total list $632.59 without tensioner, alternator, belt or hardware

Based on the list prices, I think you might be able to beat the Pace price if you're willing to go to your local dealer. I asked nicely and the stealership gave me a 15% discount along with a coupon for another 15% off my next order, so for the waterpump and P/S pump bracket I paid a hair under $300 out the door with tax.

One other very important note. The parts counter guy was concerned that some of these parts could be on a long national backorder. He checked on these and said they were in inventory someplace and he was very confident they'd get here in a week. However it's very possible they could be delayed since they are such new items. I will let you know how my experience goes.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

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