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Next I used some painters tape and masked off the heads, waterpump ports, and cam position sensor boss. Most of the other connectors were already masked off with duct tape from earlier. For the waterpump ports, I put tape on the old gaskets and used some bolts to hold them in place.

Finally, I laid on several coats of Duplicolor engine enamel. I used this on my old small block and it lasted 12 years and still looked good when I pulled the engine.

These pictures were taken as the paint was still drying, so it looks kinda splotchy but you get the idea.

Later this evening after rolling her back in the garage, I set the intake back on top and snapped these photos. Overall I'm pleased with how this cleaned up and I'm very happy with the painted valve cover, painted timing cover look. I wish it wasn't going to get cluttered up later with accessories, wires, etc.



That's it for today. More to come as I make progress.

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