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Originally Posted by JaysinSpaceman View Post
Really? Don't those front ends have all sorts of issues? I did a bit of reading after your suggestion and found most issues are more or less correctable but it seem like a whole lot of complication for very little gain over a solid axle. It seems to me to be a bastard child of straight axle and IFS, that in between missing link stage that evolutionists and creationists are always arguing about. Why would this be a good Idea?

^This sounds argumentative, I don't mean it that way (I just don't want to rewrite it). I am just looking for justification of your comment.^

In My Opinion, and that is what follows:

First, IF you were building a "Wheeler" I would not have made the suggestion!
Having now logged something like 60k miles on our TTB Ranger, I have proven to myself that there is a place for the TTB and when I contemplate the ExPo build that is exactly the application. The era of the front leaf-spring has been over for 30-years; at this point in time the front leaf-spring is just dumb.
Most of the “problems” with the TTB design are operator error, in that changes are made to the design without understanding the consequences. There are several big name brands that offer pure Sheet for the TTB! That and things being used way beyond the design limits. My reason for suggesting it to you: IMO, it makes WAY more sense then the leaf-spring/slider set-up that you are contemplating. Second it will in-fact wheel amazingly well and finally you will arrive at the destination a bit less rattled.
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