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So I had a bit of free time today to get a bit of work done on this project. Over the weekend I had pulled the front end out in order to rebuild it and ready it for a crossover steering conversion. What I found wasn't the prettiest, the PO had done some work on it at some point and when it was reassembled they didn't add any grease to the knuckles besides packing the Birfields with a bit of grease and the king pin bearings were nearly shot due to lack of grease (I think they just wiped grease on instead of packing the bearings). Luckily for me I know the guy really only commuted in it for that last bit of it's life and rarely used the 4wd. I think everything that I am not replacing (ie. birfields, spindles, axle bushings, etc...) made it out OK. I have all the parts and will be putting it back together soon.

I have a few questions though, for those that have done a crossover steering conversion. I know I want to get rid of the torque link and brackets, easy. But what else do I want to remove or move as the case may be? It seems that the stock steering stabilizer bracket might need moving to work with the high steer? And should I move the shock mounts while I am at it for longer shocks? So anyway, let's hear your input, if you could have done something different what would it have been?


P.S. Bandit, the bed will be mostly square/rectangle tube and flat bar along the length for sliding tie downs, etc... And the more I look at the rear springs the more I think the sliders will be the ticket, I just have to see what the front height comes out at before I make my final decision.
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