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I would still mount them in compression. The stock Chevy shackles are probably ok in compression, but I would consider boxing them in as a precaution if you can. It's the supermarket lowering shackles you've really got to steer clear of. I don't remember the stock shackle being very long, which was why I built my own using the Toyota frame side bushings. I used the hardware from the original Toyota shackle which has a standoff design to prevent over compressing the bushings. IIRC the Chevy frame side shackle bushings were volcanized in and would be harder to replace. The design is a little more difficult to build too. Buy ultimately it shouldn't matter because you are going to like the front slider boxes so much, you'll probably end up incorporating them out back too.

I will say the biggest issue I had with the Chevy springs was all the overhang out back. There are some 56" long Ford springs out there will almost the same front length and they have also shown to work well without all the overhang. If you look for Kajo4x4s original exocaged 4runner build on PBB he actually started with the Chevy springs and later switched to the Fords with good results, but he had to redo the hangers front and rear.
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