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Originally Posted by Defender Chassis View Post

BTW, why not go with the 2.8 VM Motori diesel from a Jeep Liberty? Unless I am mistaken, its the same lineage as the TDI but a bit bigger.
I looked into this motor some and one thing I found is weight, it's some 175-200 lbs more then the equivalent jeep gas motor which is already a fair amount heaver then the 22r or TDI. And when I looked into them they were also much harder to find and more expensive. Plus from the one guy that I know that owns one he never pulls more then 27 mpg tops all freeway and it is usually more like 22-23 mpg. One of the things I am looking for in fuel mileage more then outright power.

Originally Posted by TheBandit View Post
The stock Chevy setup has the shackled in tension (hanger below the spring eye). I have seen lowering shackles used for these swaps because they are longer than stock, but beware they were not designed for compression and have been known to fold. I would recommend building your own shackles.
I know a lot of guys have used the stock shackle in compression without much problem and if I need a longer shackle I will definitely will be building my own. I was just cutting the front spring mounts so I figured I would cut some possible rear hangers while I was at it.

Originally Posted by entropy View Post
Going to agree tension mount the springs.
Are you saying to mount the shackles like they were in the Chevy? I don't really think I have the room to do so, plus I think the bracketry would hang down so far as to hang up on everything while out wheeling. Is the tension shackle better then the standard shackle?

Thanx for the comments and suggestions,
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