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So a few more pictures for you.

The stove in action during one of the test fires. You can clearly see a bit of secondary combustion in the upper left corner of the glass.

The stove as it is installed in the earth wall. Next to the nearly useless open fireplace. I say nearly because it is ok for some ambiance.

A close up of the install.

For some of the nitty gritty. The handle and latch mechanism super simple quarter turn latch I added a brass washer so that when hot the two steel on steel parts wouldn't gall together, is it needed, I don't know but it can't hurt and it turns very nice and easy.

Here's the inside of the door and latch. Of coarse the latch is really hard to see.

Secondary air shut off, in case of an over fire. I doubt they will ever get used but you're better safe then sorry. Just slides back to close up the hole. One on each side of the stove.

And this is how the glass is held in. It is a threaded block (3/8" square bar) welded to the door. A stainless clip and screw, the clip is carefully bent so that is just compresses the gasket under the glass but not hard. I didn't want to bind the glass when the stove expands and contracts.

And for those that might be interested in the rammed earth construction of the house they had a blog while construction was going on. It never got updated with finished photos but it gives you a good idea. The House. And another House built the same way (the first picture is of a steel staircase, landing and railing that I built.

Let me know if you have more questions.
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