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Bend Tech is not really a CAD program in any conventional sense.
It has some CAD features but is missing many others.
Great for configuring tube, and I suppose that if you spend the $$ for the sheetmetal module it comes closer to being true CAD.
Then spend more $$ for another module and you may as well have just bought SE to begin with.
And it still will not have many of the capabilities of a genuine CAD program.

On the plus side, very few, if any CAD programs are capable of doing tube as smoothly and easily as Bend Tech.

I have a couple of CAD programs available to me, $$$$!

But if you are new to CAD, Free-Cad is FREE!
It will not be so frustrating to you as it is to anyone who has used conventional CAD programs.
There is also Bob-Cad, not free but pretty cheap.
You can get a free demo version to try it out, but beware, the sales team will HOUND you to buy.

Just like Bend Tech, CAD is similar to learning a new language, one that requires a lot of hand gestures.
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