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I'd just get Bend-Tech Pro...if you're fabricating anything you's simply the best bang for your buck that you're going to find. It's as easy as anything else you're going to have to try to learn, but with a CAD program, all you're doing is visualizing your idea in your head. Bend-Tech does the same thing as the CAD programs, but then gives you all of your bending and cutting info as well. You simply aren't going to find that anywhere else. And if you get the Motorsports module, there are a ton of brackets and such included in that already.

If you're serious about actually ever building anything...spend the money and get the right tool for the job...and for the hobbyist fabricating their own stuff...that tool is BT.

Just 2 cents worth of advice from a former CAD guy who actually enjoys trying to build my own stuff too...
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