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Alright peeps...

So.. decided to give the steering rack a bit of a spruce up.. it was stripped/blasted/powdercoated and then just pop it all together..

Yeah... because its always that easy isnt it!?!

The needle bearing was a bit notchy (knackered) so i popped up to the suppliers only to be told they were unavailable.. a bit of head scratching and we decided the french were being typically awkward in using a custom bearing and to drop down on the OD to the nearest std size and i'd machine a sleeve to hold it in place:

Once that was all done I had a shiny rack:

So.. the pedalbox went in.. the rack went on and i started on the steering arms...

Aaaaaand another issue arose:

Ya see these little rod end spacers:

I found 3..

Guess how many i needed??

Yesssssss 4.. thats right!!!

So, after much swearing and cursing i decided to make 1... some bar was thriwn in the lathe and i fired up the Ateam music...

And just like Hannibal and the boys... i love it when a plan comes together!!:

Colomn was bolted up.. arms fitted.. we had steering!!

I did start getting pedals attatched but was running out of time and correct sized bolts..

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