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Took the day off of work today and got a crap ton done.

Finally made up my mind about the rear shock spacers and got them made, painted and installed.

Next I pretty much got all the rear suspension together: shocks in, swaybar all tightened (at least on one side until I can scale and align everything), K brace bars in. I mainly just need to get the brakes finished up, but Im not gona mess with it until after the rear alignment is done, which is a total pain unbolting the hubs to change spacers.

Then I bolted the battery back in, and did a little touch up painting where I cut the hinge brackets out on the inner tire wells.

This afternoon and tonight I worked on my alignment setup. I was totally tired of having to setup the string bars on jackstand and double check them everytime I roll the car or whatever. The front is all done. I have most of hte rear done, at least all the welding. I need to pick up two conduit elbows in the am to finish it up. Should be pretty slick and very easy to setup and make repeatable measurements with. The best part is it didnt cost much at all. Conduit and the parts are just so cheap.

I cut a compression union in half and welded two to the front bumper tube, and two to the rear frame rails. To make the Ts, I just used the cheaper unions and ground out the little nipple inside, then welded a short piece of conduit on.

Im planning on working on the car most of the day tomorrow. Hopefully awesome progress continues.

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