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Tuesday night I shortened the front strut tubes by 3/4″. With the new ball joints I will be able to lower the car and keep a reasonable camber curve, or hopefully one that at least doesnt go positive. So they are all reassembled and back in the car just waiting for the axles and knuckles.

I also reamed out the holes in the knuckles for the new ball joint studs.

After two annoying and long nights of screwing around I finally finished up the new jackshaft bracket. The old one I had made sorta sucked for reasons I wont go into. (for non j-body people the 2.2 never came with a jackshaft. I adapted the V6 setup to work on the 2.2)

Anyway, here is the new one.

Modified the stock V6 bracket and welded some nuts in place to make bolting it together easier.

The rediculous bracket. Its only two pieces... a piece of rectangle tube and a flat 1/8" plate.

So I just need to install the front knuckles and the axles and the whole front suspension will be back together. Then the car can come off jackstands and I can finish up a few little thigns on the rear.

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