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Originally Posted by dean View Post
i've built several projects like this,from 10hp go karts to a 110 hp buggy.
if you are using a riding lawn mower to start with,use the original rear diff and trans as it should have fnr plus a semi automatic transmission.been there done that.
1970's xl 250 had max 20 hp so unless you've redone it big time i'd be confident in the oem drivetrain.
just my 8 1/2 cents.
i'm from canada so that means 2 cents usd
Lawn mower has a vertical shaft and the belt runs horizontal.
MotorPickel has horizontal shaft and vertical chain drive...
Chain / Belt is not a big deal; Vertical to horizontal is.
And the Mower trans-axle is noizy, one of the reasons to replace it.

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