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Ive been using BT for a while with several months of non use in between. Every time i use it i keep going back to "what i know" after trying the new features. I dont know how to use the fancy new add-ons, and for simple bends/designs, i still open up an assembly for the pick points.

Here are a couple threads i refer back to for inspiration:

The mad scientist Scootek's sweet Yota build:

Then the wizard Rock4XFab with his magnet/string trick:

This one aslo mentions magnets and string:

I hope this helps.
I too have plans to video layout from measuring to design to bending... i'll see if i can whip something out, heck, we all might learn something by watching me do it incorrectly

:SIGH:.... i wish all the OG members would visit and shed some insights...
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