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5 Months Later

Hey everyone, been a little while since i checked in, been crazy busy. Not much has changed but a lot has happened. We just finally got our approval to go ahead and start rebuilding our home since the fire. Our property was cleaned up a month or so ago so the wait has been painful. Had to move my family into a camper and we just moved into the mother in laws place last month, things started getting cold. I'm trying to make the best of the loss and doing what i can to get back in the normal. Took over the mother in laws shed and did a sort of extension so to speak lol. A friend help me get a new project to tinker on and to keep my mind busy which sure has helped. The car fell into my lap and for a killer deal, so meant to be kind of thing. ill start another thread soon but just wanted to say I'm still kicking and will soon be building my usual crazy shit eventually. Started a youtube page to document everything i do so subscribe if you like.

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