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Originally Posted by TheBandit
In this hydraulic configuration the machine will be capable of a 40,000in-lb maximum bending torque.
Does anyone know a resource where I can get empiracle torque data? Or does anyone have a gauage on their hydraulic bender that could report on what it's taking to bend tubing?

I've had trouble verifying my torque requirements against anything. The best resource I could find was Horn Machine's capacity calculator, but that gives me numbers that seem really high. For example, the JD2 Model 4 is rated for 2-1/2" max OD tubing and is advertised to produce 60,000 in-lb of torque. When I put in 2.5x0.120 DOM (tensile 80ksi, yield 70ksi, elongation 15%) the calculator spits out over 100,000in-lb required for bending on a 7" CLR. That doesn't agree with either JD2's rating or my calculations.

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