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Originally Posted by KeithXtreme
Dude, those are that is where the money is....Making those NC controllers....if you could make those cheap for the Pro-tools could make a bundle.....I want one.
Thanks Keith! That's an excellent idea. I will give it some thought.

Originally Posted by Captainfab
Glad to see you got the new encoder mounted OK, and the controler is working. Looks like you're ready to start bending some tube? or are you going to completely finish the bender first? As always excellent job!
Thanks Captain! I plan on bending tube this week for the bumper (can't wait to use that POB bracket!). After that I will be transporting it to campus where I will be showing it off at a senior project exhibit. Then it will be torn down for storage at a friends house over the summer. When I get back Fall quarter I will work on finishing things off.

Originally Posted by scootek
I cant wait to see after the tear down and completion. this project is awsome!!! the electronics are incredible. its so smoooooth now. and the loud ass beeeeeep! would help me. i have over bent pieces because i was talking to someone while bending.
Thanks scoot! You'd have an awfully tough time overshooting your set angle with this bender. It doesn't just beep when it reaches the set angle - it also bypasses the hydraulics. You can pull the lever all you want - the machine wont advance beyond the angle you set it to. It will stop there and wait for you to retract or set a different angle. An indicator light tells you that the machine is in bypass mode. My girlfriend cranked out a perfect 180 on her first time ever using the machine!

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