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I was able to reach Mrs Spaceman and connect on Facebook. Here is some more information on our friend:

Originally Posted by MrsJaysinSpaceman
March 8, 2016

Some of you may have heard, some not. I am very sorry if you have not, this is not the way I wanted anyone to hear this news, but we are still busy trying to get people notified and news circulates really fast. Please find a place to sit down before continuing reading.

My husband and soulmate, Jaysin, passed away yesterday afternoon, March 8, 2016.

He was at Kirkwood, doing one of the many things he loved- snowboarding. He was found by a fellow snow enthusiast in the middle of one of the runs, Ski Patrol was notified and CPR was given from the time he was discovered, throughout the ambulance trip, and in the ER in South Lake Tahoe, but they were unable to revive him. There was no apparent trauma. At this time, we do not know what happened.

Jaysin was so loved, by so many people. He was amazing in so many ways; the artist, the warm and tender kind-hearted man, the joker and prankster, the husband, the cousin, the son, the mechanic, the problem solver, the friend. He touched the lives of many; he will be very missed.

Jaysin believed that, as energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only change form, so too our spirits as energy are not gone when we die, but merely change form. I am sure he would tell us that he is still here with us, watching, whispering, nudging. Please take some time to go outside, to a wide open space, sit down, and quietly be. That is where you will find him. That is where he will again touch your life.

Go for a walk (or do whatever you love outdoors), and think of him. Go hug and kiss your family.

Jaysin and I only had eight short years together, but it was the best time of my life. We were truly happy, and we knew exactly how lucky we were to have found each other. I often told him that I was the luckiest, and that he was the best, and we jokingly bickered that point like school children. He could always make me laugh.

I am struggling with just about everything right now, and I am sure you will understand, but I will likely not be able to reply to comments. Please know that I am reading them and I do appreciate them.

Please know that we will give ample notice of a Celebration of Life party (Jaysin disliked formal services) and we do want to share our love for Jaysin with everyone whose life he touched. If you would like to make a friend request to ensure you receive enough notice, please feel free to do so. I am so comforted by the outpouring of love you all have shown. I love your stories, and I love your photos.

My Love to you all


March 12, 2016
We have received word from the doctors involved in Jaysin's case. Although the final report won't be done for a couple of months, the preliminary report shows he had a heart attack. Please excuse me if I haven't responded directly to your sweet messages as I have been quite sick. We are starting to work out details for a memorial gathering and will let you know as decisions are made. Thank you for all of your love and support and wonderful stories and pictures of Jaysin's life.
Here are a few photos of the man himself. Godspeed!

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Ongoing 70 Nova build:

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